Why Reading with No Makeup will Change your Life

Reading is wonderful. Makeup, not so much. Here are the six wonderful reasons why your novel will thank you when you step away from the cosmetics.

1. You’ll feel like Elizabeth Bennet



From the Bennets to Katniss, there’s little talk of cosmetics in beloved heroine novels (unless of course Effie Trinket is in charge). Refusing to wear makeup while reading a novel can transport you back to the old days. Just remember, WWEBD: What Would Elizabeth Bennet Do?

2. When you sob uncontrollably your mascara won’t ruin the pages



Remember that time your favorite character died OUT OF NO WHERE? Or you read the last sentence of your new favorite novel and know you’ll never be able to read it again for the first time? Yes, me too. While your mom might embrace your tears, a novel does not. It has enough ink, thank you very much.

3. Night reading is the best reading



We’ve all been in this situation. After devouring a book for hours, we slowly drift off to book heaven (aka Barnes & Noble). If you fall asleep with a book on your face like **ahem** some of us, you could wake to a living nightmare: innocent pages ruined with permanent makeup marks. It’s much more relaxing to read a book and find comfort in the fact you can use it as a pillow later.

4. There’s more time to get your read on



How long does it take you to finish the “perfect look”? After applying eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, concealer, mascara (and re-applying mascara after you accidently blink), you’ve probably spent at least 30 minutes. Without makeup, you could have already been besties with Atticus, Dill, Scout and Jem.

5. You can become BFFs with your favorite book



A book can have a bright new cover, but its value depends on what’s inside. Make a pact with your book to show it the same respect.

6. Because reading is a full body experience



Gone are the days when ladies would sit with crossed legs and quietly read a book. If you wear makeup, how will you thump your head on the table when you attempt to read the god-awful series 50 Shades of Grey, wipe the tears from your eyes when Scout saves Atticus at the town jail or bury your head in your hands and ugly cry when you finish reading the last Harry Potter book?

7. In the end, you’re the girl with the book.



You already win.


Wear makeup or don’t wear makeup. You do you. Just remember that books have feelings too, and they don’t care what you look like.

Substitutes for makeup when reading a novel: hot tea, book light, cozy sweater, badass bookmark or thick glasses

Here's my no makeup novel selfie! Tweet yours to @paperbackspink

Here’s my no makeup novel selfie! Tweet yours to @paperbackspink

2 responses to “Why Reading with No Makeup will Change your Life

  1. The GIF’s really just complete this Ellie! Love the blog and you! Super cute and funny list! Super relatable!

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