Literature, Fashion and Happiness- An Etsy Gem

CAUTION: After reading this post, you may find yourself unable to control your desire for classic authors or your credit card in search of obtaining these precious pieces of literary clothing.

Defending your favorite feminist author or pink paperback can be tricky, but Thornfield Hall Designs makes it easy to support equality, literature, fashion and the environment.

SPOILER: Keep reading to uncover a coupon code for this vintage literary gem!

Thornfield Hall Designs

Thornfield Hall Designs

Thornfield Hall Designs’ Etsy shop opened in 2013 when Katie Pritchard combined her love of reading and creative mind with screen printing. With her husband Nick as her screen builder and business consultant, the creative duo prints literary quotes from novels like Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein, Wuthering Heights, Anne of Green Gables and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Frankenstein quote scarf from Thornfield Hall Designs

Frankenstein quote scarf from Thornfield Hall Designs

While frequently picking female quotes wasn’t done consciously, Pritchard states she grew up devouring female-authored novels.

“I wanted Thornfield to have great quotes from fantastic authors,” Pritchard declares. “Most of my favorite books are written by women and I’m proud to have quotes in my shop from fantastic female authors.”

Wuthering Heights literary tank from Thornfield Hall Designs

Wuthering Heights literary tank from Thornfield Hall Designs

Brontë fans might recognize the company’s name from Mr. Rochester’s estate in Jane Eyre. Pritchard explains that she admires Jane’s courage, determination and even her self-doubt.

Jane Eyre Literary Shirt from Thornfield Hall Designs

Jane Eyre literary shirt from Thornfield Hall Designs

“(Jane Eyre) knows who she is and what she wants,” she explains. “She stands by her convictions even when it would be so easy to let them slide. Her capacity for forgiveness amazes me…I also love the love story between her and Mr. Rochester- that they love each other passionately and she is his equal.”


Pritchard ensures each product is wearable, comfortable and eco-friendly. Working at home, the designer doesn’t want to expose her family to toxic chemicals. High-five to Mother Earth!

Besides saving the environment, Pritchard also selects the novel quotes, designs the layout, screen-prints by hand, snaps media pictures, packages and ships the product while providing customer service. If she isn’t Wonder Woman in disguise then I’m going to have to question my sanity.

“I want people to know and feel that personal touch,” explains the designer. “I imagine my ideal customer as a lover of books and reading, (and) as someone who loves beautiful, one of a kind things. I do my best to find beautiful, soft fabrics and high quality, well-made clothing to screen print.”

Reading runs in the family and Katie hopes to keep the literary magic alive with her two children.

“It’s such a joy to read books to them that I loved as a child and get to share that magical feeling all over again. I think a love of reading gives you so many gifts. It gives you freedom, opens up new worlds to you, stretches your mind and gives expression to feelings you didn’t know how to express.”

"The Raven" literary scarf from Thornfield Hall Designs

“The Raven” literary scarf from Thornfield Hall Designs

Thornfield Hall Designs recently released Poe’s “The Raven,” The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dracula products. Follow Thornfield Hall Designs on their Facebook page for more updates!

Check out Thornfield Hall Design’s Etsy shop and use the coupon code: THEPINKPAPERBACKS to enjoy 15% off your favorite literary clothing piece until the end of July. Thank you Book Gods (and Thornfield Hall Designs for graciously providing the coupon)


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