The Pages of Italy: A Literary Shop with a Classico Touch

A fashion designer and a writer with an artistic flair marry and open a literary shop in Italy together? One might think this only happens in movies but not to Lilia Vanini and Mario Costanitini. The pair combines their creativity to offer handcrafted products from Venice to bibliophiles worldwide.


Emily Dickinson Pendant

Say “ciao” to these classic literary pieces and use the coupon code GOODREADING to receive 15 percent off the entire shop!

The Etsy store LiteraryArt Prints opened in 2013 and already has 110 followers on the craft marketplace and almost 1,000 likes on Facebook. The shop features scarves, pendants, sturdy bags to lug your bookstores purchases, laptop sleeves and woodworks from literary canons like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, “The Cask of Amontillado,” Les Miserables, The Divine Comedy and Pride and Prejudice.

Each product is handcrafted and hand-printed. Mario, who relates great literary works like Melville’s Benito Cereno to the “Mona Lisa,” selects the quotes, draws the original illustrations and then screen-prints each product while Lilia chooses the fabrics and stiches the scarves and laptop sleeves. Mario also screens his custom typography and carves literary woodwork sculptures. The team works better than Lisbeth and Mikael, yet instead of solving crimes, they’re creating art.

Frankenstein Laptop Case

Frankenstein Laptop Case

“Our theme is our everyday life, literature and art,” said Lilia, who also manages the store’s social media accounts. “We live in the most beautiful city in the world, Venice. I open my window and I see art everywhere. We walk through the streets of Venice with the canals and palace, bridges, gondolas, wine, food, Italian music, friends, family and the joy of living.”

The Pink P wishes the products would also come with a one-way ticket to Italy but we’ll settle for the Italian cotton scarves.

There are a lot of fun conversation-starter items from LiteraryArt Prints (I’m looking at you, Emily Dickinson pendant), but the most unique details are found in the original designs on the laptop cases and scarves.

“The literary scarves are the bestsellers all the time,” explains Lilia. “We use 100 percent Italian cotton fabric. (It’s) elegant, soft and cozy and all the hand-printing is just perfect for this material.”

Edgar Allan Poe scarf

“The Cask of Amontillado” scarf

Mario is currently working on a quote from the Odyssey, so hold tight Homer enthusiasts. The duo is also creating a website, planned to launch this spring, and are designing illustrations for new products like pillows, bags, brooches and earrings.

Pride and Prejudice Tote Bag

Pride and Prejudice Tote Bag

LiteraryArt Prints doesn’t just print quotes about love, which is sometimes a prominent theme among bibliophile art shops, but also about adventure, revenge and courage. There are even intriguing and entertaining descriptions under certain products about the myths and history surrounding the literary canons.

“For both of us, (our) favorite thing about making literary gifts is that our work gives us the opportunity to inspire and engage our customers with unique literary art to wear, read and enjoy,” said Lilia. “Happy reading!”

For those who don’t live in Italy (but wish they did), Lilia estimates five-day shipping to the U.S. It’s just enough time to devour a book and receive the handcrafted scarf as a reward. High five!

LiteraryArt Prints’ products are classic and bring a sense of old world details to new world items. We hope the store continues to incorporate a variety of quotes and diverse novels into their products. Remember to use the coupon code GOODREADING to receive 15 percent off the entire shop (and still have enough money to pay for your bookstore extravaganzas…and maybe rent).


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